Watch a team of four women and twelve crew as they battled fatigue in their quest to finish line of the world’s toughest transcontinental bicycle race, Race Across America. It truly shows what happens during the race, the challenges of the racers, and why a strong crew is needed to keep the racers safe and on course. This film is more than a bike race, it’s about life and the conquering of the day-to-day challenges we all face.

Jane wrote: “movie was terrific! I really hope everyone who has ever ridden a bike should demand to see this movie! So inspirational, touching, powerful and triumphant!”

Brooke wrote “I am BLOWN AWAY by the strength, determination, honesty, courage, talent (etc. etc.) of every person on the RAAM team/crew! An incredible job bringing those seven days to life.”

“I am so excited about this film! Can’t wait for so many to see it so they can truly get a feeling for the race. I only wished there was a film like this prior to our race.” – Joe, Crew Chief

“I loved it! It helped me understand more about the entirety of what our team went through.” – Dina, racer

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I hope you enjoy it as many have already.